…and then some


Recently I got myself set up with a debt management agency. I worked with them, and then they got in touch with two of my creditors and I got all set up to pay off my balances through them. Things were going swell.

I paid my first payment to agency, and they in turn sent the payments to my creditors on the 13th. Today I received a letter from WAMU stating that payment was received late and therefore my debt management program was canceled. This is very uncool. My very first payment through them and it’s late? I called WAMU and the girl on the phone told me my due date is August 18th. So I asked why, then, if my due date is the 18th, would I get a late notice if payment was received on the 13th. She then read some “agreement” that “I” agreed to pay by the 6th of each month (making payment 7 days late).

This is all completely ridiculous. I was never informed that my payment was expected to be on the 6th. Had I know, I surely would have made it happen. I can’t afford to lose this program all because of this.

I don’t feel like going into any more detail. I’ll have to call the agency tomorrow and get things fixed. I’m going to be furious if I’ve wasted all of that time and effort trying to get things back on track.

This is why I get so angry and depressed all the time. Any time I think I’m taking a step in the right direction, I get knocked down, pushed back, and then sometimes kicked while I’m down.

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