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Blogger broke my phone

Blogger.com says you can update blogs through text messages. I thought I would try this today, so I sent a text message to “go@blogger.com” like it says to. I then put my phone in my pocket. A while later, I checked it and saw I had a new message waiting in my inbox. When I tried to open my inbox, my phone crashed. In other words, it froze and then restarted itself. I tried a few times more and got the same result. I then went to options and chose to erase all messages in the inbox. After doing so, I noticed that a message still remained in the inbox, and when trying to open the inbox, my phone crashed again.

Next I called Verizon and it was suggested I went into the security settings on my phone and chose “reset phone”. I agreed to this. However, upon trying to enter security settings, I could not remember the lock code to get in. After a while I finally figured it out and I reset my phone. It didn’t mess with my contacts or storage but all of my settings, such as wallpaper and thematics were reset. Inconvenient, but a small price if it fixed my inbox.

Well, it didn’t. Inbox still crashed my phone. I got another clever idea. My phone is set up to automatically delete the oldest messages once it reaches about 50 or so, to avoid overflow. Knowing this, I flooded my own inbox, with help from Corinne. I just kept sending messages to myself repeatedly until I had reached over 50 messages. At that point, I figured that it would have deleted the problematic message since it was older than 50. I tried opening my inbox, and it worked. I could view my inbox! I pressed UP so it would take me to the oldest message in the inbox, and my phone crashed. The message must still be there, and it appears that when trying to view it, even the small preview shown in the inbox list, it crashes my phone. I can view my inbox fine as long as I don’t scroll down to the bottom where that message is.

I’m going to have to go to the Verizon store and have a technician take a look.

I won’t be using blogger.com’s mobile posting feature any time soon, that’s for damn sure.


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