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Early to Rise II

Well, it’s time, and I’m… waking up. I have to pee really bad… that’s how recently I just crawled outta bed… eyes still adjusting… body aching…

I’ll be making some money today… and not for anything I’d really call “work”. I just gotta drive to someone’s house, and then drive him in his car out to see his doctor for something involving his eyes (hence the need for a driver), then when we get back he’ll probably give me a handful of cash. Last time he gave me $70 cash and a $25 gas card. Nice.

Well, better get ready. Gotta be there at 7am.


One response

  1. glenda^^

    yes, not really a work… working all the time with students and trying to put some more knowledge inside their brains is a hard work. But I like what I do^^
    when you said you woke up early, what time did you wake up?

    August 23, 2008 at 2:26 pm

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