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An Easy First Day Today [very long entry]

 Well it's about 12:30 and I'm still at work. I'm scheduled to be here until about 3 but I'm already pretty much out of things to do. I suppose I could clean up my computer lab a bit more… erase the whiteboard and make sure the student computers are working and all that, but as far as real "tasks" today, there don't seem to be any. None of the teachers are here so there's nobody to ask me to fix stuff or set things up. Easy day. Boring, but easy.

Unfortunately I got to bed late, so boring quickly translates to tired, which sucks because I don't really see "taking a nap on the floor" as an option.

I'll talk about yesterday, I suppose. Since I was feeling so sick last night I didn't really talk much about it.

Let's see… where to start… Well, in the morning I got up bright and early to go pick up JB to take him to the doctor. I'll explain who he is later. Anyway, he's been going to the doctor for his eyes, and needs someone to drive for him. He's quite fair and generous when it comes to compensation for any work done for him whatsoever, and gives me $100 when I drive him. Yeah, that's a lot for just driving someone to a doctor's appointment and back. Plus we took his car, so I didn't have to pay for any gas. Score, right?

Anyway, so I picked him up and we took off towards the doc. He went in and I waited for a few hours. It's pretty boring, but it wasn't so bad. I was kept busy by the fact that my phone was giving me problems. If you read my earlier post, you'll remember that I had attempted sending a text to go@blogger.com, and the message I got back crashed my phone. Still isn't fixed, by the way.

So after we got back and I got my own car and came home, I grabbed the check for $100 and another $300 check I got for creating the www.banningstagecoachdays.com website for the community center here in town. I went down to the bank and deposited them. On the way to the bank I decided to call my friend Stacy. I really miss her. I met her online and we got along great but I've not talked to her in a long time. Well she didn't answer but she called me back and we caught up a little. I hope to be hearing from her some more. I got $60 cash out of the bank.

After that I took a trip over to the Verizon store so a tech could fix my phone. I'd overlooked the part that I was past my upgrade eligibility mark, which means that my phone is no longer covered for fixing but I can upgrade to a new phone. I took a look at some of the phones there but wasn't satisfied with what I saw. There were some cool phones, such as the LG Dare, but I really need to dive into them and learn more before I can be comfortable keeping one. I was there for a long time but I left with what I came in with. I plan on going back over there today.

After Verizon I went over to Walmart to get my hair cut at the little salon thing they have there. That's where I always go. I was slightly annoyed because I stood there for a while then a woman showed up with a little girl… she ended up getting service before I did. There's a sign in sheet, but it was full from previous names. While I stood there, the girl cutting hair welcomed me to have a seat around the corner where they were, so I did. I guess while I was sitting there, they put out a clean sign in sheet and the other girl got her name down right away. They knew I was there first though… at least one of them did. It annoyed me that they didn't do the right thing and take me first, but whatever. I got my hair cut by Monica, who cut my hair before. She did a great job and it was very fast, so I paid about $13 for the haircut and left a $5 tip. I then decided that since I have some money I should get some hair gel because I'm in need of some. I didn't need anything expensive, but I wanted something decent I guess. The stuff I wanted to get was $17 and there was no way I was going to pay that much. I had her recommend me one and it was $11 so I bought it. I shouldn't have, but I did. I plan on taking it back, though. Probably today when I go that way.

So after that I drove back home and called Verizon on the way. First I called James to see if he wanted to hang out, and it was cool with him so I headed his way. I called Verizon because I wanted some more information about the capability of some of the newer phones in terms of custom ringtones and stuff. I ended up talking to the guy for an hour an a half. I sat in front of James' house with the car idling for an hour and a half while talking to the Verizon rep. The cool thing about Verizon is that I always get the very best customer service from them. I've talked to friends that don't, but I always do, and this guy was really cool. We discussed all kinds of Verizon/phone-related issues, and he was actually interested in the conversation and seemed to like learning the things that I knew about the phones and then sharing what he knew about them as well. So it was a good thing, as far as the service.

So I went in and James played a new song he wrote. It was pretty cool. I liked it. It was really deep though… but he's a great writer. We grabbed some stuff and headed to the car because we wanted to go out to the San Bernardino area to shop for some blank CDs since I had been out for some time. We got in my car and it would start then immediately die. Did this for several minutes, and after several attempts. I realized the water reserve was empty so I filled it. Idling for so long while on the phone was a bad idea. Eventually it started and stayed running so we left. When we got out there I realized that I didn't have my glasses. I we couldn't find them in the car. I'd been wearing my prescription shades all day so I didn't keep track of my normal glasses. I realized I left them in JB's car. I couldn't get a hold of him though. Well, I was really hungry so we went to go eat. We decided to give Ruby Tuesdays a try. Both the service and the food was absolutely amazing… and the girls that worked there were very cute, too, haha (sorry jess! I love only you though! hehe). Not like I could really watch them much or anything. Remember, I didn't have my glasses and it was too dark to wear my shades inside.

Anyway, I ordered a big burger and tacked on the "garden bar" which is just the salad bar, but it was all-i-could-eat. It truly was. I took two trips to the bar, each returning with a beautiful salad on a plate. Delicious, and filling. By the time I got my burger I was full, so I had the girl wrap it up for me to take home. I also had a number of refills of cherry coke with lots of extra cherry. Num nums!

It might have been the food or the excessive cherry coke, but I wasn't feeling too well after dinner. After we ate I picked up the blank CDs at Staples and got some gas at the 76 station. Then I realized something terrible. I'd left my food at the restaurant. Had it just been some small leftovers or something, I'd shrug it off, but it's a whole meal that I paid $10 for and didn't eat ANY of it, so we went back to get it. When we got there they'd already cleaned everything up and had to throw it out, but they had no problem making a fresh one for me, so I waited. I totally wasn't feeling well though.

So I got my food and we left. It was getting really dark by then so I had to have James drive from that point on. We never got a hold of JB so we took a chance and went straight to his house. Lights were off, and his indoor dogs barked when I knocked, but no answer. I didn't know what to do. James and I were going to watch a movie or play some games when we got back but I couldn't enjoy any of those things without my glasses. Upset, I decided we might as well go home. On the way out of the neighbor hood I kept my eyes on any vehicles passing by to see if maybe it's him coming home, but no luck. There was a car a little ways down the hill parked on the side of the road with lights flashing, and James said "maybe that's him", but I'd already given up.

A few miles later, JB called me back. He'd just gotten home, and confirmed my glasses were indeed in the car. So we turned around and went back to get them. When I got there and talked to him, he said "You guys just went down the hill? Did you see a car on the side of the road with the lights flashing?… that was me".

Yeah. I know.

So we got back to James' place, grabbed some old blockbuster movies and got in HIS car and went to swap out for some more movies. When we returned, we played some EA Skate on his Xbox 360. It was pretty fun. Instead of playing properly we were just trying to see what kind of ridiculous tricks and jumps we could land unrealistically. After a while his friend Candice showed up. Not sure I'm spelling that right, though. I'll find out next time I see her. After a while, I went home, posted that blog about not feeling well, and went to bed. I feel better today, though.

So that was yesterday… in a nutshell.


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