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New Phone

I got a new phone yesterday. It was quite a process. One of the most important features on a mobile phone for me is the ability to pack it with CUSTOM ringtones. Not free ringtones from a website, but CUSTOM ringtones from my PC to my phone. Unfortunately, none of this generation's set of Verizon phones offered this capability. Learning this, I was extremely reluctant to "upgrade" to one of these devices.

However, I eventually gave in and decided to try my chances with one. I treated myself to an LG-VX8560, also known as the Chocolate 3. It's a clamshell, like my previous phone (I don't like the sliders), and the menu system is very similar to what I'm used to, so those things are good. It's a pretty phone, too. Dark and shiny.

First thing I did after getting some of the basics set up was go online and try to find a way to put custom ringtones on the phone. First I tried this one website where you can upload any song, cut it, and have it sent to your phone. It's a drawn-out, tedious process, and I didn't like it. It also took too long.

I made my way to Howard-Forums and checked on there. I was reminded of a piece of software called BitPim. This software is amazing. Using the USB cable that came with the phone, BitPim can read all of the data from the phone… such as the calendar, the contacts, call history and text messages, all media… the entire filesystem. Using BitPim, I can now take any audio file I have on my computer and drop it in as a ringtone on my phone. YES!

I'm at work right now and I'm trying to get BitPim to work with my phone but it keeps freezing and I'm not sure why… but I do know that my work PC sucks buckets.



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