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Bible Games Reviewed by the Angry Video Game Nerd

Ok, before you watch this, keep in mind that this guy does cuss a lot, so just be prepared for that. Seriously, this guy has a bit of a dirty mouth. He is, after all, the angry video game nerd. However, I think his reviews are HILARIOUS despite the foul language, because the stuff he says about the games are totally true!!

I was hesitant about watching this one at first because I don’t like it when people mock the Bible or God, but rest assured that he does not make fun of the Bible or anything involving Christianity. He just makes fun of the games, and with very good reason. These games really are a joke. If anything, he makes comments about how inaccurate the games are compared to the true Bible stories.

I actually have two of the games he shows in here: Bible Buffet and Spiritual Warfare (well, I used to), so I know what he’s talking about with those. Anyway, if you can look past his “potty mouth”, maybe you’ll think this is as funny as I did. Just watch it… but… not around the kids. Like I said, he cusses at the game quite a bit and says some pretty bad stuff…

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