…and then some

Gilmore Garbage

My sister loves the Gilmore Girls. Yeah. I know. I think I threw up in my mouth a little too.

Ok, Ok, to be perfectly fair, I have seen several scenes and a lot of them are pretty comical, and the dialogue is well-written. However the delivery of said dialogue is the most annoying thing since the Spongebob theme song. The main thing that turns me off to the dialogue is how quickly EVERY character spouts off their lines in quick succession in an almost programmed way. Used in moderation, this technique is amusing. For instance, when a particular character is known for his or her witty remarks and quick-drawn dialogue. Let’s take Friends, for example. We all know Chandler as usually being the first to open his mouth after an event or comment, out of which comes some funny antecdote for the situation at hand. Well, if ALL of the Friends cast were like that, don’t you think it’d get a little ridiculous and irritating? With the G-Girls, they’ve accomplished just that. EVERY freakin’ character in the show is somehow ultra-witty and every conversation is nothing but an incessant onslaught of comebacks and quick remarks that are presented in an unrealistic manner that is, if nothing else, distracting.

Ok, so now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, the point of this is to ask… Why does my sister watch this show so much? It doesn’t air any more, and I don’t know if my sister has every season on DVD but I swear, even with it’s 7 seasons it HAS to get old at some point. She gets in these phases, I suppose… she’ll do nothing but watch Gilmore Girls for days. This will go on for some time, and then suddenly I won’t hear about it for a while… and then it’s back. Maybe she, too, feels the effects of droning dialogue that never ceases to…. well, it just never ceases.

I guess it just goes to show that everybody has their own interests. One of mine happens to be criticizing the interests of others :)

This makes me want to talk about rap, but that will just have to wait.


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