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What Video Game Character Describes Me?

So I decided to take some little quiz that’s supposed to psychologically attach a video game character to my personality. It was a very short quiz and filled with spelling errors. The questions also tended to give away the answers. For example, one of the questions was something like “Who is your worst enemy” and I chose “Dr. Wiley”. Well, obviously based on that answer it’s going to point my likeness in the direction of Mega Man. These quizzes are much more creative and fun (and accurate) if you can’t guess how your answers are going to affect it.

Well, I ended up getting Mega Man anyway… which is good because it’s a favorite. Except… I don’t copy everybody to survive. This quiz sucks.

What video game character describes you? Version 2.0

Mega Man

Hey rocket man, you are an energetic little robot who copies pretty much everybody to survive.

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