…and then some

Charged with Battery

Few things are more irritating to me than talking to someone on the phone only to find that the phone’s battery died probably a minute ago. Maybe more. Who knows how long I’ve been sitting there talking to myself holding a dead phone to my ear, or walking around talking with a headset not connected to a live device.

I love my new phone. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a great phone. However, when it comes to the low-battery warning… it’s just not sufficient. Now, my last phone I had, it would start beeping long before it actually powered off. Better yet, it would hold on long enough to end the call. Once I ended the call it would take its rest and shut down, but as long as I kept the call active it would keep its eyes open and stay alive for me. My new phone… not so much. The first thing I noticed is that the warning ‘tone’ is very subtle. Often it blends in too well with the rest of your typical phone conversation background noise, so it’s easy to miss. The next thing I notice is that as soon as I notice that tone, I’d better get it plugged in right away or it’s gonna cut my conversation short. Honestly, my last phone could probably go 10 or 15 minutes before losing its last ounce of juice. I don’t think I got 5 minutes this time. In fact, I was trying to sing a song to my girlfriend to help her learn the lyrics… imagine how absurd I felt to learn I was singing to a dead phone.

Seems that so many things in society, while in a struggle for improvement and upgrade, seem to deteriorate and ‘downgrade’ with the time. Every new thing that comes out has new features that grab your attention but lack in the features we were used to.

Let’s take video games for example. Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s there was hardly a video game in existence that didn’t have it’s own set of cheats unlockable simply by punching in a series of buttons at the title screen or something. Everybody knows the Contra code: Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A. This is probably the most popular “code” ever to grace the fingers of console gamers across the country, if not the world. Many many games of that generation had similar codes that provided all manner of special abilities, from level selects, to god modes, to infinite lives, etcetera. Well, find one of this generation’s games and see if it has any such cheat codes. They are few and far between. Games for the Xbox 360 and even the PS2, though phenomenally better in many areas, lack in the cheat code department. If not for the Codebreaker, I don’t think I’d have any cheats at all for my PS2. The Xbox doesn’t even have such a thing. There are a few controller codes that I’ve seen for Xbox games, but they’re totally lame compared to codes of the past. Maybe they unlock extra characters or let you drive certain vehicles. Nothing like infinite health or “level select” or anything like that. Just lame stuff.

Oh, and don’t even get me started about that Clive Barker’s Jericho cheat thing again…


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