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Adsense Nonsense

So, blogger incorporates Google’s Adsense program so that, if I want to, I could easily put advertisements on my blog. Now, why would anyone WANT advertisements on their blog? Simple. They make money with it. Not a whole lot, but it does add up if your blog has a very large audience.

I thought I’d give it a try to see how it worked, even though I don’t really have enough readers to make it worthwhile. So I signed up for it, and they sent me a verification/activation email. It also let me go to an Adsense section on my settings page for my blog where I can configure what kind of ad I want to display, as far as shape, size, and position.

When I saw how hideous the ads looked, I decided it’s not even worth experimenting with. Fortunately, I never activated the account through the email they sent me. I decided to remove the ad… but wait, the adsense settings don’t have any kind of “remove” option! How do I get that stupid ad off of my page? I have to go into the main code template, locate the code for the ad, and manually take it out. Yeah. Annoying.

Y’know what else is annoying? Now whenever I go to my blogger homepage (also known as the dashboard), I have this stupid little “notice” in bold type stuck right there on top:

The good news is that this isn’t something that anyone else sees. It doesn’t affect the blog itself and it can easily be ignored… but I don’t want to have to ignore it. I want it gone. It’s like when you have a mobile phone with an icon on the display showing you that you have a voicemail but even after you check and erase the voicemail the icon remains there. It’s not really “hurting” anything but DANG it’s annoying! Get lost!

So I left a post on the blogger help group to see if anyone can tell me how to get rid of this darn thing. *sigh*


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