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IE New Window Maximizer

Working in an elementary school computer lab often leads me to surfing the web for little utilities and Windows tricks that make moderating computers for kids more streamlined and easier to control.

One thing that a lot of kids have trouble with are the IE Windows. When going to a web page, Internet Explorer will often open the window to only have the size of the screen, or something virtually difficult to navigate, and the kids don’t all know how to maximize the window so they can see what they’re doing.

Obviously, the ideal solution would be to simply teach them how to maximize the windows, but right now with all of the other computer things I’m trying to drill into their little brains, I thought I would just try to figure out a way to set up the computers so that the windows always opened maximized by default.

Well, obviously the first place I looked was Google. Google always has the answers, right? Well, the first answer it gave me wasn’t at all what I expected. It looked promising, so I clicked on it. So then it takes me to this page that’s pretty much empty except for a redirecting link in the middle. I clicked it, and to my surprise, a somewhat attractive woman appeared on the next page. Not a big deal except she was NAKED and I’m at WORK surrounded by KIDS and a TEACHER that’s standing about 5 feet away. Fortunately two conditions existed at this moment in time. One, all of the kids and the teacher were facing the other direction, distracted by their computers. Two, this window was on my home computer visible only through my remote tool which allowed me to simply close the remote.

That was very uncool.

So I kept searching, and I came across this little utility called IE New Window Maximizer, after which this blog entry is so aptly named.

It’s a simple little program that does a few different things, but most importantly, what it does is it automatically maximizes any new IE windows that open. All I had to do was add this to the student user’s startup folder and when the kids log on it stays in the system tray and waits for IE windows. All in all, it makes life easier. I haven’t had time to go through all the various options, though there aren’t a whole lot anyway, but it works for what I need it for.


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