…and then some


I don’t know what’s going on, but I can’t sleep. Started very early this morning (which most people would call last night). I was in bed tossing and turning. I think I mentioned that already. Well I’m sitting here exhausted and sleepy. I want to go to bed, but I spent the last several hours in bed and I think I did fall asleep at some point but it’s just not happening now. I just feel a bit sore and extremely tired but I cannot sleep. I can’t even stay comfortable for more than a few seconds. A minute or so if I get lucky. I feel like my breathing is a conscious thing for some reason, as if it will stop if I am not awake to keep it going. All around just miserable.

I took a little Tylenol PM. Normally I don’t like taking such things but I honestly just want to fall asleep. I realize it’s very early for me to be getting to bed… but the fact of the matter is that I’m sleepy. I’m tired. I should be able to lie down and fall asleep. Instead, here I sit because no matter what I do I’m miserable. Maybe I’ll play some video games or put on a movie or something. I don’t know.

Well, on a lighter note. I got to hang out with my friend Sarah today. It’s been a long time. I’ll tell all about it later.


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