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Hotmail VS Gmail (Followup)

I’ve begun to make the transition from hotmail to gmail, and let me tell you a little of my experience thus far. I already know that Gmail is far more flexible and friendly, but I’d like to point out something specific.

See the picture here? There’s a little envelope in the system tray. That’s the Gmail Notifier. You wanna know what it does? It checks my Gmail and tells me when I have new email and lets me go straight to my inbox if I want. That’s it. THAT’S ALL IT DOES. It’s perfect. No bells. No whistles. It just does what I want it to do. Now, why is it so freakin’ difficult for Hotmail to have something like this? Hotmail doesn’t care enough about it’s users, that’s why. They don’t care about what’s convenient for the rest of us.

Now take a look at this next picture. It’s the options box for Gmail Notifier. Notice it lets me choose which web browser I would like to use to access my inbox. OMG it’s a miracle! Finally something that doesn’t just automatically use the dreaded Internet Explorer! I get to actually CHOOSE this time!

I don’t know about you, but I would definitely say that the people at Google are using their brains when developing their software. It’s like they’re actually thinking “Hmmmm, how can we make things as easy for the user as possible so that they can do what they need to do?”. I think Hotmail’s thought process in the matter contains ideas like “How can we set up our software so that might be easy to use but FORCES them to use all of our own software whether they like it or not?”

Hotmail. It’s the devil. Well…


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