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Remembering Algorithms

They key to manipulating a Rubik’s Cube is having good algorithms. Algorithms are generally written out using a specific notation used for the Rubik’s Cube. I’ll explain later. Right now I want to ask for your help with something.

See, the way I memorize algorithms at first is by turning them into acronyms. For example, here is an algorithm:


As you can see, it’s just a long series of letters. However, if you know the notation (which is very easy, actually) then these letters actually mean something. Well, memorizing a long string of random letters is not as easy as memorizing, say, a sentence. So, what I do is I turn it into an acronym and create a sentence or two to help me remember it. For example, I turned the above algorithm into the two sentences below:

Four Legged Frogs Under icy Rocks Use Four Feet. Leaping Lizards Under icy Logs ingest Big Dark insects Because it Likes Looking Ugly.

It is easier to remember a sentence than a random string of letters. However, it also helps that the sentence actually makes some kind of sense. It’s this sensible context that makes it easier to memorize. Well I have another one that I would like to memorize and was wondering if any of you might be able to offer a sensible acronym. It is another long one, so it’s ok if it is split into two or three sentences if it needs to be. The important thing is that it makes at least SOME sense, even if not entirely.

So here is the one I would like help remembering:


Any ideas?


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