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Just a Few Observations

I've noticed in a lot of memos, signs, emails, letters, notes, and other such media used to communicate a piece of news or information, the party addressing the issue is generally stated immediately after the "Thank you" or "Thanks" at the end, with no kind of extra spacing or divider.

An example would be like this:

All employees please remember to
sign in before starting on the machines

Thank you Management

Now, I know what it means, but I'm picky and I find the above example quite annoying. "Thank you Management"? It looks like they are trying to thank the management but forgetting the comma. Why can't they put it on the next line?

Another thing that bugs me is the usage of "good" and "well", particularly in the educational environment I work in. I observe a lot of teachers encouraging their students, and far too often do I hear them say "you're doing so good!". I feel like looking at the teacher and saying "and you're not!".

I know it's a common mistake made by a lot of people, and it has become generally accepted. I find myself slipping up now and then too. Perhaps not with that particular word, but in other phrases that are misused. I just think that, as a teacher, that is, one who is responsible for the proper education of a student, should be more careful and hold higher standards when communicating with the children. This should especially be the case with very young children who are still learning how to hold proper conversations and to communicate efficiently and appropriately.

I talk good. *gasp*



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