…and then some

A Little Update

I know my blogging has slowed down a LOT. Part of it is because of problems with blogger.com, and another part of it is because I've been really sick lately and haven't felt much like doing anything.

I missed work Thursday and Friday and yesterday (Monday). I'm back today and it's going OK so far.

I've been playing a lot of PS2 lately. I've mostly been playing WE LOVE KATAMARI, which is a strangely fun and addicting game, despite it's repetitious gameplay. I've also started playing KINGDOM HEARTS II. Now, I am loving the storyline and the characters, but the gameplay has me a bit bored. I don't like it very much. I would much rather sit and watch someone play than play through it myself. That's what girlfriends are for! :)

I have plenty to say about the games but I'm just not feeling like going into any details right now.

I better get going anyway.



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