…and then some

The New Era

So i’ve moved my blog to a new service.  This is WordPress.  I was having issues with Blogger.com.

Firstly, they offer a feature called Mobile Blogging which basically allows users to blog using their mobile phones.  I wanted to try this, so I got the process started.  Without adding all the details, it basically ruined my phone.  Pretty serious.  I got a new phone.

I complained about this in the Blogger Help Group (which is pretty much a 3rd party system where “support” for Blogger is supposed to be handled).  After several days and repeat complaints I finally got a private email from a blogger employee who explained that they were unable to replace the phone but they could send me a sweatshirt.

Joy.  First, I can’t make calls with a sweatshirt.  Second, I live in southern california.  WHAT DO I NEED A SWEATSHIRT FOR!??!

Anyway I said ‘fine’ and gave my address so they could send me the sweatshirt.  I waited.  I waited more.  A couple of weeks went by and nothing.  I emailed them back and asked about it.  He replied and said that they are indeed sending the shirt and I should be expecting it at the beginning of next week.

Well, the “beginning of next week” had come and gone and is now the beginning of last week.  I have emailed a few more times, and this time have received no response whatsoever, even after, well, almost two weeks.

In the middle of all of this nonsense, Blogger.com was experiencing some very strange and serious technical issues.  Some of the pages were all screwed up, which explains why I have a period in there where I wasn’t posting at all.

Eventually I got sick of trying to milk those guys and just decided to move over to WordPress.  So far it seems ok.


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