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The New Place

I’m preparing to move out.

I went with my mother to meet with owner and current tennant of the house I plan on moving into to see just how things would be down there.  It went fairly well, and I like the place OK.  It’s not luxurious by any means but it’s roomy enough.  The room I will be renting has it’s own bathroom so I won’t have to share one with anyone else.  It’s about 50% closer to work so I could actually walk if I wanted to and it wouldn’t be unreasonably far.

All in all it seems like a pretty promising thing, though I’m nervous about it… but such a thing is expected when confronting any big change.

On another note, my coughing has reached a stage I know all too well.  The “sickness” is pretty much gone but the coughing remains, and it has reached that dry, course stage that seems to linger on for weeks.  I think the problem is that my coughs are generally very strong, and because of this it causes excess “wear” on my throat.  This “wear” makes my throat somewhat raw and irritable.  The irritability causes more coughing.  You can see where this can become a problem.  The best thing is try not to cough so hard but most of the time I just can’t help it.

I’m going to bed now… or something.

One response

  1. Ramon

    Good luck with that

    September 28, 2008 at 7:26 am

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