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E for All

This weekend (Oct 3-5) is the E for All E3 expo at the LA Convention center. Weeks ago when I first heard of ChaCha I asked them when the next E3 would be and if there was any admission price. They said it would be Oct 3-5 and they do not charge admission. Awesome!

So James and I are planning to go. I reminded him today and we were looking at the website. It was under maintenance when I tried to check it out but I guess he got back on and said there was a $35 day pass we needed. ChaCha lied. Grrr… but I’ll drill into ChaCha later. Right now I’m talking about E3.

If you don’t know what E3 is, then look it up. All I will tell you is that it’s all about gaming. At the E3 expo we will get first looks at some of the newest and next-gen games, as well as have the opportunity to test them out and play all of the latest/upcoming releases. I’m sure they will have all kinds of memorabilia and great deals on stuff. I’ll be taking a camera so you can expect plenty of pictures of all kinds of stuff we see. I’ll most likely be posting them in my blog.

I’m excited. Even though I’m transitioning to live on my own this week, I think that the $35 plus extras will be well worth the experience. James isn’t sure if he’ll be able to come up with the money but if he can, and I’m sure he can, then we’ll be on our way to our first E3. I’m stoked.

Also, his grandfather has a place in Long Beach. I don’t know if it’s closer to the convention center or not, but if it is, he’s going to see if we can stay there. Originally we had planned to stay there so that we can go to E3 on both Saturday and Sunday, but if it’s $35 for a day then we won’t be able to go twice. Perhaps we can go out to the house on Friday night and then go to E3 on Saturday. If we do it that way, then I can be back Saturday night and make it to church on Sunday morning. I’ve not been to church in a long time and I’d really like to start getting involved again.


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  1. Ramon

    Yeah, do that

    September 30, 2008 at 7:03 am

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