…and then some

The Soundtrack of Me

OK, so I guess I’m supposed to put all of my songs on shuffle and start playing them one by one, and each song title is supposed to be the “answer” to the following list of items… I have way too much music to put all on shuffle so I’ll just to my video game soundtracks, which is still over 100gb. I’ll put the name of the game/album it’s from in parentheses.

Who am I?: Blaze Heatnix (Capcom Music Generation Rockman X1~6 (ROCKMAN X6 DISC 5)

How are you today?: Baba Yet (Civilization IV Official Soundtrack)

What do my friends really think of me?: Sacred Ground (Star Ocean Blue Sphere Arrange&Sound Trax)

What do I really think of my best friend?: Veritas Vincit ~Truth Wins~ (Ritual Symphony- (DISC 2 – The Key of Avalon 2))

Does my crush like me?: TV Station (Rockman EXE 1~3 Game Music Super Collection (DISC2))

What will my children be like?: Lament of Innocence ~Leon’s Theme~ (Castlevania Special Music CD)

Is the world out to get me?: Sora (Kingdom Hearts II Original Soundtrack (DISC1))

What will tomorrow be like?: Exciting Journey Volume (Mojib Ribbon Original Soundtrack)

What was yesterday like?: Deathrattle (Ogre Battle 64 Person of Lordly Caliber (Disc. 3))

How would my mother describe me?: Lost Before, Light (Chrono Cross OST)

What should I be doing right now?: Agitpunkt’s Theme (Genso Suikoden IV Music Collection ~Another World~)

What time is it?: Track 11 (The Little Mermaid NES)

What are you afraid of?: Serenade of elves (Tales of Symphonia Original Soundtrack (Disc 3 – Memories of Tethe Alla))

Do you ever sleep?: Boss Theme (Mickey Mousecapade Original Game Rip)

What will I dream about tonight?: Derris-Kharlan ~appear~ (Tales of Symphonia Original Soundtrack (Disc 4 – Memories of Tethe Alla))

Will my children love me?: RANKING DISPLAY (Capcom Fighting Jam Original Soundtrack)

Do I have friends?: Aoi Hatano (True Love Story 2 Original Soundtrack (Year-round Character DISC))

How will I die?: Smile Episode #3 (True Love Story Special Song Box (BGM SOUNDTRACK DISC 2))

What song best describes me?: Slide (Tekken 5 & Tekken Dark Resurrection Original Soundtrack (DISC2 “Tekken Dark Resurrection”))

What song best describes my life, overall?: FRAILTY, THY NAME IS… (Soul Calibur III Original Soundtrack -LEGEND OF SOUNDS- (Disc II))

What song best describes my life, at this moment?: chapter_1_intro_and_other (Betrayal at Krondor OST)

Do you have any advice for me?: GYMNOS (The Legend of Xanadu ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK (DISC 2))

What do you have to say to the world?: MEGA-Q BLUES (Super Megadrive Fan Vol.2)

Do you love me?: Smiles and Tears (Mother 1+2 Original Soundtrack)

Should I love you?: The Legend of Zelda Theme (Game Music Concert -The Best Selection-)

Whats in my future?: Holy War (Symphonic Poem Argos no Senshi Original Soundtrack)

Describe my place in today?: Comedy of O (Kamaitachi no Yoru Soundtrack)

How was my childhood?: Unfavorable Circumstances (STELLA DEUS Original Soundtrack)

Tell me about my current/next lover: Pacifism (Star Ocean Blue Sphere Arrange&Sound Trax)

Describe my current/next relationship: Crono & Marle ~Far Off Promise~ (Chrono Trigger OSV)

How old am I?: The Evils of War (Front Mission Online Original Soundtrack)


Well, that was interesting. Most of them didn’t make any sense at all, of course. Though, I don’t doubt a Holy War in my future.

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