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Eye Spy II

So I set up the camera on my desk. I saw a few interesting things but it was no big deal or surprise either. See, I left later than usual yesterday anyway, so I was here when the Boys and Girls club kids came in, and this guy Mark was the one in charge of watching them. He’s pretty cool so I didn’t expect anything less than a little respect. I talked to him about leaving everything on and he was cool about it, and when I got here this morning it seems everything was left on, which is very good.

However, my camera was still monitoring. I can only see when someone is right by my desk (where the chair is). There were several videos of him just sitting there, either writing something down. I noticed he used some of my hand sanitizer, haha. I don’t mind that. Nothing negative to report with Mark. There were several unnecessary videos though because there is a flag in the view and Mark set a couple of papers down where the camera could see them and when they moved a little bit (because of the AC or my fan) then it would record. I can turn down the sensitivity. However I’ll probably just move the flag. I noticed that it recorded hours later when Glen, the custodian, was cleaning up around my desk. He’s a good guy. I trust him more than anyone here, heh.

I’m going to leave it on again today. The videos were choppy so I’m going to see if a higher framerate is possible. All in all, I was able to see what goes on at my desk, for the most part.


One response

  1. thebored0

    My texting has been down since Friday. Sorry if I haven’t responded… Sounds like you are advancing(moving out). Congratulations! I believe my text is back up and running but my connection at work is down. How’d you get your cam to record upon seeing movement? That’s terrific!

    October 1, 2008 at 9:39 am

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