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Future Starts Now

Today marks the first day that I am actually “renting” a place to live outside of my parents’ home. I’ll be going over there this afternoon for the contract and to pay first month’s rent. I haven’t moved anything yet, but I will most likely begin to move things tonight. I already have a key. The room is smaller than I’m used to and my stuff doesn’t even really fit in the room I’m in now, so I’m not sure how I will reorganize to get things to fit. I’m going to have to buy some totes and keep a lot of things in “storage”. My parents are allowing me to continue to use their cellar to keep a lot of my things stored, which is helpful.

Time Warner will be setting up high speed internet access at the house tomorrow, so the only offline time I will have is while physically moving my computer from one house to the next. Again, with the space, I don’t know how I’m going to fit my computer desk/area. I’ll have to get a measuring tape and start figuring things out today. My computer actually does take up quite a bit of space, especially since I have an old 19″ CRT monitor which goes back about a foot and a half, if not more. If I had a flat monitor then I could save a lot of space. Come to think of it, I might invest in one soon. I’ll look up prices as soon as I’m done with this blog entry, which is now.


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