…and then some

The Review

This review on an LCD monitor amused me:

Large enough for thirty baby kittens

Reviewed By: DrTune on 1/4/2008
Rating + 5Rating + 5Rating + 5Rating + 5Rating + 5
Tech Level: somewhat high – Ownership: less than 1 day
This user purchased this item from Newegg

Pros: >dude I got me a 1920×1200 monitor
>it doesn’t suck
>$400 or so
>you could sleep two small babies on it
>maybe three
>5 if they were premature quins
>around thirty baby kittens would easily fit if snuggled up tight.
>it’s awesome.

No dead pixels, no flaws or cracks, no baby kittens.
Cons: Don’t have fifty kittens to prove conjecture. (However pictures of such kittens found on internet look just awesome)

The stand doesn’t swivel or do anything cool at all apart from, well.. stand. Not fallen over yet though, so good job that stand.


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