…and then some

Night One

Tonight is my first night I will be staying at my new place. I just took my first shower here, too. I was expecting a nice long relaxing shower, but things didn’t go as planned. The shower ended quick because I began to notice that the water wasn’t draining and I was standing in about two inches of it. So I washed quickly and dried off.

Jessica is coming over tonight. She’s going to help me unpack some things. The only thing I’ve really gotten unpacked is this computer, which is my lifeline. It’s just not home without my computer.

Well, I’m going to lie down for a bit and get some rest until Jess gets here. When she does we actually have to run a few errands. I must go to the bank to get some money for my dad and I’m thinking if we’re out we might go to Walmart and pick a few things up, except that once I get dad’s money I won’t really have much left, so… we might not.

I’m just too tired to go into any more details. I will mention, though, that I’m glad I decided to move into my new place on a Friday night, so I can take my time and stay up as late as I need to and sleep in as much as I’d like because I don’t have to work in the morning…. that’s nice.

Hmmmm… I need to have a “room-warming” party…


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