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Fresh Daisies

You read about that girl I met. I haven’t posted since our date so I’ll give you some updates.

The date went very well. We met at Starbucks and chatted for a while. We went over a few casual things and also discussed a few important topics. We were both quite pleased and somewhat shocked at how much we have in common, particularly in spiritual and moral beliefs and values.

We’re both pretty much at the same place in life, which really helps us relate to each other. We’re both attracted to each other, which of course is very helpful. We don’t finish each other’s sentences (yet) but there have been many times where she says something that happened to be my very next thought before she even said it… but not in an annoying way at all. More of a “wow this is a girl after my own heart” way.

The day after our date she had to work a full day so we didn’t see each other, but on Saturday we spent the whole afternoon together. I picked her up and brought her back to my place where we watched the first episode of Heroes. At some point I took her to James’ place so where she met James, Alex, Gary, and Briajn. Actually we did that first. THEN we went to my place to watch Heroes, and then a little later in the evening I took her to dinner at Slim Pign’s, where we had one of the most awesome meals ever. I had a $50 gift card but we spend $51.72…

After dinner we came back to my place, played some video games, talked for a while, and eventually fell asleep. Before we fell asleep, we discussed our status. It didn’t take much for us to both agree we wanted to be together, so at that moment we were no longer single :). She stayed with me which was very nice. We were up late so we thought it would be difficult to get up for church in the morning but we were both up more than an hour earlier than I set my alarm for. We went to church where I introduced her to Mike and Peter, and I got to attend service in the new auditorium for the first time. It was all quite surreal.

After church we did some shopping. My mother got me a $50 card for Stater Bros so that I could get some groceries this week. So, we did that, had some lunch at her place, then went back to my place and watched Spaceballs (hahaha). To be perfectly honest I don’t remember much after that. I only remember that we played some more video games together, and it ended up getting late. We also had our first moment where we were both in the same room but doing our own things. She brought her laptop so she was playing Solitaire on that while i was on my computer playing Poker online. Something calming about simply having the presence of someone special. Anyway, we both had work in the morning so instead of her staying with me again I took her home and then i went back home and to bed.

So here I am. I’m super excited to my girlfriend again tonight. I’m so happy that we both live in the same town. We can see each other often without having to worry about gas prices or even the time. It’s exciting.

I will honestly try to blog a bit more often.


2 responses

  1. rinnalynette

    *claps* I’m very happy for you!

    October 13, 2008 at 11:12 pm

  2. Ramon

    Lucky guy.

    October 14, 2008 at 7:53 am

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