…and then some


Level 147
(Income $46,557,000, Upkeep From Equipment: $5,134,070 )
Cash Flow:$41,422,930 every 60 minutes.
Rhino Tanks: 47

I have been in the 140’s for a long time. I would level more quickly if I did more fighting but I actually don’t do any fighting at all. I lose every time. The reason I lose is because right now I’m focusing on increasing my cash flow. If I buy a lot of equipment to make me stronger so that I can fight, then I will have a lot of upkeep on that equipment, which will decrease my overall cash flow. Therefore, I have sold just about as much of my equipment as I can so that I can minimize upkeep. It’s still over $5m because I have all those tanks and each tank has $100,000 upkeep. The reason I don’t sell those is because they are not purchasable. I sold the rest of the equipment because when I’m ready I can just go buy them back again, but the tanks can only be acquired by completing a particular mission, which I can only do every 12 hours (11.5 to be exact). If not for the tanks, my upkeep would be under a million, but oh well. Once I start fighting again I will certainly be glad I kept the tanks.


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