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Shades and Shivers

I’ve become quite comfortable in my new room, and now that I have done some grocery shopping I also feel a bit more comfortable in the kitchen. Rolinda (homeowner) wants to get a long cable to hook up my computer to the big screen in the living room tonight so that we can all watch Heroes and have popcorn. Lisa will be there too. I think it will be fun. I invited James and I hope he’s not too tired to join us.

Anyway, my room is comfortable but it’s a bit too bright in the morning. I’m used to it being darker, and I’d like to eliminate the glares on my TV screen. There are “curtains” over the windows that I keep closed, and though that prevents anyone from looking in, it doesn’t stop the light much. For now, I think I’ll just use pieces of cardboard and put them over the windows… or at least the one facing the east, which is, of course, right where the sun shines in from in the morning.

I was cold this morning… like, really cold. I normally sleep without a blanket but this time I had to get a 2nd blanket to put over me and really cuddle up with the pillows. I might go by my mom’s place and get some more pillows/blankets. I only took over the bare necessities. I have an electric blanket I might just grab. I should also get some towels. I only have one towel at the new place currently. Not a huge deal since it generally dries by the time I need it again but I’d still like a SET of clean towels, including one to step onto when I get out of the shower. Right now I just use a dirty shirt.


One response

  1. rinnalynette

    Great! I’m glad you’re finally adjusting to your new place. ;-)

    October 13, 2008 at 11:11 pm

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