…and then some


Level 154
Income $47,963,000, Upkeep From Equipment: $5,334,070
Cash Flow:$42,628,930 every 60 minutes.
49 Rhino Tanks

I leveled up a little bit. In fact, I was able to level 3 levels just this morning, which was kinda cool, but it’s not really worth it. In order to level through fighting I have to be able to win the fights, and the only way to win the fights is to have tons of expensive equipment. Well I don’t really win enough fights to make the extra upkeep worth it, so I’ve decided to sell my equipment again, which took over 4 million off of my upkeep, pushing me back into the 40m’s for my cash flow. Within a few days I should be able to hit the 50m mark, or at least get close.


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