…and then some

The Complaint

I’m angry today. Some of you know that I run the computer lab at an elementary school. It’s my lab. I keep things nice and running well. This year an after-school program has been using the lab after I leave. Since then there have been many problems. Instead of going over it all right now, I’ll show you the email I sent to my boss this morning. It doesn’t include EVERYTHING and it surely isn’t the first email complaint I’ve submitted, but it’ll give you a good understanding as to why I’m so upset.

Good morning.

I know I’ve complained about this before, but I’m getting REALLY fed up with the way the computer lab is being “handled” while I’m not here. What’s most disturbing is that someone messes with the things on my desk and goes through my personal stuff. I now have two more computers down since boys and girls club started using the lab. They treat this place like a freakin’ Chuck E Cheese or something and I’m sick of it. They’re STILL shutting things off, too.

I’m very, very sorry that I sound so angry, but I am. I think it’s EXTREMELY disrespectful they way this room is treated. I try to keep things as orderly and as nice as I can, only to come back to find things in disarray. Yes, there are times now and then when at the end of the day I just wanna get home so I don’t really clean up, but it’s not often, and when I do that I just clean things up when I get back in the morning so that it’s ready for class.

I know I’m venting again, but these aren’t just wild complaints about some theoretical circumstance. This is really happening, and honestly I’m tired of it.

Since boys and girls club started using the lab, I have one computer that has spyware/virus and another that just doesn’t boot up at all. I’ve put in work orders for these but you know how that goes.

Am I out of order? Am I being unreasonable? Is it so much to ask that the room that I try to take care of be treated with respect? I feel like I have to clear everything off of my desk and lock it away each afternoon to keep people from messing with it. Hmmm… I just noticed. My hand sanitizer is… gone. Yeah, just GONE. I had a big container of it right here on my desk next to my pencil sharpener. I just noticed as I was typing this that it’s gone. Let me see if it’s in a drawer or somewhere else in the room…

…nope. It’s gone. Someone stole it. It was one of the big bottles, too, not the little pocket sized… but yeah, stolen. I was actually just going to say that I don’t mind if someone needs to use a pen or if they would like to use some of my hand sanitizer, but I guess they’d prefer the whole bottle.

I’m now speechless.


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