…and then some


Level 184
Income $63,213,000, Upkeep From Equipment: $6,834,070
Cash Flow:$56,378,930 every 60 minutes

A few days ago I started buying back equipment… Equipment, of course, increases upkeep. Upkeep, of course, decreases cash flow. After I bought a lot of equipment, my upkeep was very high, but I was able to win some battles. I have noticed that I am frequently attacked when I am not in the hospital (if your health is too low then you enter the hospital and you cannot be attacked nor can you attack others). Since I was able to defend myself a little better with the equipment I bought, I wrote a script to keep me out of the hospital (buy constantly clicking the “heal” button). Staying out of the hospital can be expensive because it costs me over $40,000 each time I want to heal. However, I had the money to spend. By leaving this “healing script” on for hours unattended, I would level up several times without even being at the computer. Yesterday morning at about this time (or perhaps it was the day before) I was only about level 164, which means I’ve leveled up 20 levels very quickly. This is why there is such a huge level leap between my previous Mobsters blog post and today’s.

Even with all of the equipment, and though I could win some fights, I still lost most of them, most of the time. Today I attacked 15 different people and lost every time. After that I decided that it was time to go back to making money and I sold all of the equipment I bought a few days ago. I used that money to buy some Casinos which increased my income even more.

I was considering selling the tanks, too, but I wisely decided not to. Even though the upkeep is very expensive, I can only get a tank every 12 hours, so it’s not like I can just buy them all back whenever I want.

With my current cash flow, I make about $1.3 billion in a 24 hour period.


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