…and then some


I visited the doctor for a physical a couple of days ago and he wanted me to get some labwork done. I couldn’t do it that day because I had not fasted. I was not sure when I would do it because I didn’t want to take the next day off work because I’d already taken that day off (to see the doctor).

Well, today I am so tired I want nothing more than to just go home. I felt like calling off but I’ve already missed enough work the past couple of months, so here I am. I’m also very hungry. I haven’t had breakfast and I’m almost sick from hunger. I figured I’d just do my best to make it until lunch time and go home to get some food, then I remembered the lab work that was waiting to be done. I used that to my advantage. I figured I’m not taking the whole day off, and medical circumstances are almost always a decently reasonable excuse for leaving work…

So… I have one more class right after this one leaves and then at around 1140 I’m going to go down and get my labwork done… then I’m gonna EAT because I’m really hungry.


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