…and then some


The “modernization” construction that was done to the school meant many things. Among them, new air conditioning. Each room that got new air conditioning also got a nifty little thermostat control panel. Of course, they have locks on them, so they’re really pointless, and it’s unfortunate that they have the temperature up too high. It’s fortunate, however, that I know how to pick locks, and I’ve removed the lock from mine.

To my point… First, let me ask a question. What is the main purpose of a thermostat? AC control, right? You can set most thermostats to a specific temperature, and when that temperature is reached, the AC kicks in. Pretty simple concept. Well, I’ve noticed that my AC doesn’t “kick in” unless the temperature displayed is at least 2 degrees higher than the temperature I have it set for. Why is this? For example, let’s say 72° in here and it’s a bit warm for me, so I want drop it a couple of degrees to 70°. You would think that I can just set it to 70° and it would turn the AC on until it reached 70° in the room, but NOOOoooo… I have to set it to 68° if I want it to be 70°.

Now, I know this is not a huge deal, since I can do simple addition and subtraction, but honestly, why is it set up that way? What if ovens were like that… or microwaves? …or cars??

I really think that things should be a little more practical and a little more straightforward. It’s like a 21 year old going to a bar, showing their ID, and them saying “oh, I’m sorry. I know the law says 21 but it’s actually 23”. It just doesn’t… make… any… sense.

Ah, my AC just turned off… let’s go see why… *checks* Wow. I’m impressed. I have it set to 69° and it actually turned off at 69°. Except, now that adds the element of inconsistency. No long does simple addition and subtraction do any good.


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