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Bucket of Updates

McDonald’s is a cheap meal, so I’ve been going to their drive thru more lately. I generally get large fries with whatever I order, so I get the Monopoly pieces that come with them. This morning I went on Craigslist to see if anyone had any matching pieces so I could share the prize. There was one post that I misread, and I thought he had the matching for one of mine worth $100,000. Unfortunately he has the same piece I do. Who knows… might still find something…

Last week, I took Lisa up to Idyllwild for her first time. The trip didn’t really go as planned because she got really sick, and we came home early. Yesterday we tried again. This time, the entire day as a whole was very nice. I got up nice and early without needing an alarm… and I got ready for church. I picked up Lisa and we went to church, then we came back to my place and had some lunch, then we went to Idyllwild and this time nobody got sick. We had some candy/shaved ice/ice cream stuff, and walked around to the different shops. We stopped at Lake Fulmore on the way back down the mountain and walked around, taking photos. We came back to town and we watched a movie, then we drove around for a bit and just talked before I took her home. It was really nice…

Today I find out that we have minimum days all week. Normally I get to leave early during minimum days but not when parent/teacher conferences are the reason for the minimum days. So, the kids will be leaving around 1:30 today and I’ve gotta stick around until at least 3:00, so I’ve got an hour and a half to just kinda… hang around and get paid. I don’t mind that except that it’s usually pretty boring. Oh well. I need the money… and it sure beats dealing with the kids. It’s a nice break.


One response

  1. April

    You used to spend that extra time in room 23 remember. Then that stupid teacher just left you hanging and no place to go….she’s so not cool

    December 4, 2008 at 3:50 pm

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