…and then some

Pretzels and Pudding

For some reason, I’m always runnin’ out the door at the last minute when going to work, even when I get up early.  Because of this, I often don’t have the most important meal of the day: Breakfast.  Sometimes I grab some food and then eat it when I get to school, so technically it’s my breakfast.  However, that usually means I don’t get lunch, because I already ate lunch for breakfast.

Today was like that, and I’m really hungry and with nothing to eat.  I asked John (3rd grade teacher next door) if he had any extra food and he supplied me with a cup of pudding and a small bag of halloween pretzels.  I don’t know what kind of pudding  this is.  I think it’s banana, maybe… I’m not sure.  It’s gross, though.  I don’t like pudding… except maybe chocolate, occasionally.  I don’t really like pretzels much, either, but I like them better than the pudding.  Surprisingly enough, they’re not too bad as a combo.  Anyway, it’s food and I feel better now that I’m eating it.  I’m grateful.

Last night was Heroes night.  At least, we thought it was.  It wasn’t on.  It’s delayed until NEXT week.  Stupid crap.  In its place was some retard show called “Deal or No Deal”, or something like that.  We’ve been robbed.


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