…and then some


I have a headache.  My head hurts.  I was up late last night, which isn’t abnormal, but I don’t get headaches too often.   I think maybe it’s the adrenaline pumping through my brain.  I’ve been pretty energetic despite my lack of sleep and I think it’s all been adrenaline-based.

2.5 hours until I get to go home.  I think I might take the little refrigerator home today.  I’ve decided to put it in my room at home.  It costs less than $5 a month to run at a rate of $0.18 kWh, which is what i believe is our current rate where i live.

I’ve got all kinds of things to gripe about but my headache is preventing me from doing so.  I’m just starting to feel weak.  I’ll take a nap when I get home and I’m sure I’ll feel much better.

Lisa and I really need to take better care of our dieting habits.  I thought moving away from home would make it easier for me to lose weight.  I figured I’d have to pay for all of my own food so I wouldn’t be able to eat quite as much… but the problem lies in the fact that all of the cheapest foods are also the least healthy.   So lame…

Well I gotta go!


One response

  1. Raamon

    “So lame…”

    ^ So true.

    December 9, 2008 at 6:23 am

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