…and then some


Whoa!  It is COLD in my room this morning!  I’m not gonna jump to conclusions, but I think it’s the refrigerator.  Seriously.  I’ve never experienced it quite this cold here before.  Then again, we are getting deeper into winter, and it’s quite windy outside…

The bracket that holds up the curtain rod that holds up the curtain that keeps out the light and stuff broke last night.  It’s a long curtain that kinda drapes onto my bed since my bed is by the window, and I stepped on my bed to reach something but I stepped onto the curtain and it pulled the bracket right out of the wall.  GAH!

Ok, time to get ready for work.


One response

  1. Ramon

    So it’s gtetting cold eh?

    Here in Austria, this morning it was pretty cold too.
    Then at noon, it nearly felt like summer…
    Seriously, what the fudge? It was really hot! The sun nearly burned my neck!
    Now in the evening, it was pretty cold again… meh.

    December 9, 2008 at 1:15 pm

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