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I realize I haven’t been blogging as faithfully as I should have been… so here are some updates to catch you up.

There have been some issues with the other people staying at this house, so without going into the ridiculous details, I’ll summarize it by saying I’m moving out. Lisa invited me to come live with her at her place, but I was a bit uneasy about that. She is my girlfriend and it just wouldn’t be the wisest idea on a spiritual level. About the same time I was actually considering it, I get a call from my great friend Matt who has been in Colorado. He says he’s coming back and needs a roommate. Well whaddaya know… so do I… I took it as a sign.

Anyway, Matt’s back and we’ve been looking for a place… but in the meantime, I’m moving back in with my parents. I want to be completely free of this place by the first of the year, so I don’t have much time left. My parents also said I could live there rent-free so I can put that money towards a deposit in a new place, which helps a lot. We’ve located a 3 bedroom house in town for $900/mo. That’s a pretty sweet deal, considering it’s actually a house and not an apartment. It’s got a nice big yard and a BBQ pit in the back. We haven’t seen inside the house yet, though. The owner lives in LA so he can’t come out to show us until Thursday. Since it’s a 3 bedroom house, we’re most likely going to have Lisa move in as well, since she herself is wanting to move. Yes, I know I wanted to avoid having to live with Lisa, but it would be much different than the original plan. Originally, I would have to share a bed and everything, whereas with the new house we would each have our own rooms, and Matt would be living there as well so we wouldn’t be alone all of the time.

It really looks like a nice place, but I suppose things can be deceiving sometimes. One of the first houses we saw yesterday looked a bit promising until the guy showed it to us last night. There’s this quaint little place we wanted to look at and when we met the guy there he showed us around to the back to this single-room/studio thing. It was one big small room, with a bathroom and a kitchen. It was filthy, and I swear we were sticking to the carpet when we tried to walk. It was very disturbing, and none of us felt safe. It was very deceiving, too, as the sign out front made it seem as though the whole house was for rent, not some back room garbage.

Anyway, I really like the other place with the big yard. We’ve been praying about it, and I personally hope that this is the house we will be getting. It’s not a necessarily bad part of town.

In other news, Christmas has come and gone…. of course. I got some cool t-shirts and some gadgets that I like. I won’t go into all of that though.

Right after Christmas I started to not feel very well. I’d wake up with a slightly scratchy throat, even though I would be fine the rest of the day… I had a feeling it was the start of something worse, and I was right. I’ve developed a head-cold. Bad timing, too. I really want to get on the ball and be moving all of my stuff back to my parents’ place but I just feel weak and miserable and I can’t carry much… fortunately, Matt and Lisa have been extremely helpful. Lisa has been cleaning my old room, getting it ready for me to move back in, and Matt’s been carrying stuff. Lisa has to work today, so I hope Matt and I can get a lot more done on our own when he comes back over today.

Well I’m gonna get going. I’ll tell you about World of Goo later.


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