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Empty your Thrash Cans

Here’s a recent email from our Directory of Information Technology. It was sent to the entire school district staff:

Hello All;

Everyone in our District occasionally cleans out old files by putting them in the Recycle Bin or the Thrash Can. However, we sometimes forget to empty the Thrash Can itself. So it everyone could clean out the Recycle Bin or the Thrash Can, it would really help us out.

To empty the Thrash Can:
Right Click on the Thrash Can and Select Empty Recycle Bin. Confirm that you would like to empty the Bin

Thank you and Happy Holidays
Director of Information Technology
Banning Unified School District

OK…  How many mistakes can you find?  I found a few, but the most obvious is the “Thrash Can”.  At first, one might think it’s simply a typo.  Everybody makes a typo now and then… but it’s in there FIVE TIMES.


One response

  1. Ramond


    Thrash can… okay…

    January 5, 2009 at 1:08 pm

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