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Most Difficult Garbage Can

I swear the most difficult garbage can I’ve ever encountered in my life is the small one lurking near my desk at work.  I kid you not, at least ONCE every day that I attempt to throw or even drop something in it, I miss.  Oh, it’s not because my AIM is bad… no no no.  If I go for the one across the room, I’m likely to get it.  This little piece of garbage can by my desk is just evil.  Has some kind of Shield of Rejection around it.  Whenever I throw something at it, no matter what it is, it seems to kinda flutter or glide off of its intended path of travel, usually hitting the edge of the can and falling away.  I will literally be sitting right next to it and still miss.

I hate this bloody thing.


One response

  1. lease1981

    i should be working but so much more fun reading your blogs…dang thrash can…;)

    January 12, 2009 at 4:16 pm

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