…and then some


I suddenly started feeling really sleepy.  Well not very suddenly.  I was first kinda bored, then started to get a little bit weary, and it has no turned into sleepiness…. well i don’t even know if that’s how it all went down, but yeah.  I’mf riggin’ tired.

I want to lie down and sleep right now, but i’ve got 10 more minutes with this class, plus 30 minutes with after-school tutoring.  After that, I can go home.

It’s such a relieving feeling, though…. all this…. tiredness.  I’ve spent over a week with a kind of “insomnia” because I was getting over a cold and I had such trouble sleeping at night.  I haven’t actually felt this comfortably tired in a long time.

Yes, I said “comfortably” tired.  There’s an uncomfortable tired, too, y’know.  I’ve felt that kind of tired.  It’s the kind of tired where your eyes start to feel dry or heavy, and your muscles feel kinda sore or overworked from lack of rest.  This is a more… peaceful kind of tired… a “sleepy”.  My eyes are fine, my muscles are fine.  I’m not sore or achy.  I just… want to sleep.  It’s like my body is saying “well… i’m ready for a nap”.

I must have already fallen asleep because I’m obviously dreaming.  This class’s teacher just walked in and set two bags of Black Forest Gummy Bears on my desk.  I dunno, though.  Tastes pretty real to me… and if I’m dreaming the gummy bears, then that means I’m dreaming this blog, too, so nobody will ever get to read it… so if I check back later and this blog is still posted, then I’ll know it wasn’t a dream.



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