…and then some

So here I am…

…sitting at work… not really “working” much.  Been here about 12 minutes and I’m already bored.  Oh wait, just thought of something to do…

Well that didn’t take very long.  I’m almost out of tissues.  I’m gonna try throwing away the one I just used.  Let’s see… wow.  I made it into the trash can.  The fates toy with me.

Hold on.  Just got an email from Dave Cesario.  He’s this teacher guy from another school that’s trying to work with me setting up some 3rd grade testing database.   He’s a bit hyper and though he’s a cool guy he doesn’t seem to slow down enough to let thoughts settle.  Let’s see what he had to say….  ok, he didn’t even reply to the correct email.  Whatever.  Ah I got another email.  Let’s see if this one is better… ok now we’re getting somewhere, but meh anyway.


OK so… what now… I don’t know…


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