…and then some

Data Entry

I hate data entry.  I really hate data entry.

I think maybe it’s just really boring for me.  It doesn’t challenge my mind in any way.  The only thing it challenges is my patience and endurance for tedious things, and if there’s one thing I hate just as much as data entry, it’s tedious things.

I take pride (not to a sinful degree) in my ability to take tedious things and automate them, at least partially.  However, the task of taking hard copies of data, such as a list of names printed onto a sheet of paper, and transferring that back onto a word processor or form is something generally that has to be done by hand.  Yes, there are methods of scanning the pages and using software to ‘read’ the text from the scanned page and convert it to editable text, but it’s generally not very accurate, and sometimes becomes more of a hassle than just typing the text.

Well, I need to make a phone call.


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