…and then some

Myspace Mobsters

So, I don’t really play Mobsters any more.  I log on from time to time to see how much money I’ve made over time and such.  Before I really quit, I set a goal to purchase 1 million crowbars for my inventory.  That’s way overkill, since they’re virtually useless and even when used I can’t use more than about 500.  Anyway, at the time that I really stopped playing I had bought more than 800,000 crowbars, almost reaching my goal.

Well I’m back to buying crowbars, and I’ve reached and greatly exceeded my goal.  I now have over 17,000,000 crowbars in my inventory.  What’s the point?  Nothin’ more than just to say “hey, i’ve got 17 million crowbars!”.

I’ll post from time to time with my current crowbar count.   The actual amount I have now is 17,355,790

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