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Oh Em Gee

So this morning I was takin’ a look at my blog stats and noticed that yesterday there was a website that had 47 referrals to my blog.  That’s quite a bit considering the other 4 or 5 sites listed only had 1 referral each.  The website is called ALPHAINVENTIONS.COM.  I took a little visit and it seems that it’s a page that cycles through blogs for people to read.  Not exactly sure how it works, but I did notice a small form at the top where I could input my blog URL.  Somebody must have done that for me yesterday for some reason.  I don’t know why else I would have had so many referrals from that site.

Well, I entered my URL.  That was this morning.  I’ve now received about 3,000 hits on my blog since then.  *gasp*

I’m really not sure what to do about it.  I guess it’s not a really huge deal.  It’s kinda funny, actually.

However, I do wonder how many of those hits are people that actually “read” the blogs.  I did get one comment, but that’s it.  1 out of 3,000 isn’t too impressive.

If everybody who reads this leaves a comment, then I’d get a better idea…

PS:  One of my posts was titled “ALPHAINVENTIONS.COM?” and that was the one that was getting the most hits by far.  I deleted that post, and it no longer appears in my blog, however it still appears in my blog stats.  However, its title has been changed to the number “307” and since the post that it normally directly links to is gone, it just links me back to my main blog page.  Odd.  Somehow it still seems to be getting hits, too.


One response

  1. Hi – wouldn’t expect too much in the way of comments from AI visitors, though the traffic seems to be slightly higher quality than the dreck you get from Blogexplosion and the like. Guess most of us bloggers must resign ourselves to doing it for love not hits…

    March 6, 2009 at 1:57 am

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