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Yesterday and the New Home

Seems like every time I say the word “yesterday” to myself, I think of the Beatles song.

Anyway, yesterday I left work early because I felt like my head was a time bomb and that my eyes were going to explode.  So i went home, had a snack, took a nap, and was awoken by my sister who absolutely had to have a ride to work, and guess who absolutely had to do it.  If you guessed me, you win!  Honestly makes me wonder what she’d do if I hadn’t gone home early.  Get fired?  I don’t know.

So I took her to work and on the way back I noticed a few places that were for rent.  Since Lisa and I have been looking, I figured that since I’m out I’d better see if I can get a few numbers and addresses.  By the time I got home, the headache had pretty much subsided (since I did get a nice nap) and I was inspired to do some home-searching.  I checked online, checked the phonebook, made some calls.  One call led me to a little house with an enormous yard in a bad neighborhood.  I checked the place out and I really liked the big yard and all that.  I didn’t get to see inside the house but I had made plans to come back later and look when the property manager could come open it for me.

Now, the night before, we’d made some other calls and made a call to some lady who had a place in Beaumont for rent.  We had already made plans to go see it the following day, which was yesterday, and that’s exactly what we did (last night).  We went over to the place and met up with the owner and she gave us the grand tour of the humble but awesome little place.  Absolutely everything inside was brand spankin’ new.  They’d literally ripped out the guts of the home and rebuilt the entire inside.  New floors, new paints, new fixtures, new cabinets, new windows, new doors.  It’d be like moving into a new home.  We would also have our own garage, and to my own delight, the place was already wired for both Satellite and Verizon FIOS.

Let me describe the place a little bit more.  It’s actually on the same property as a main house.  Yes, it’s kinda like a ‘sub house’.  It’s like they took a large house and chopped a big chunk off and set it up as its own independent residence, with its own utility meter and everything.  However, it does not share a wall with the larger portion of the house.  It does share a common breezeway, which is another really neat feature.  The front entrance to the place is a breezeway.  Once inside the breezeway there is a door to the little house and a door to the larger house, as well as a door do the back yard.  We also share a driveway, which is not a big deal.  It’s two vehicles wide and probably 3 or 4 vehicles long.  We have our side and the future tennants of the other part of the house will have theirs.  The backyard is also split.  There is a walkway that cuts across the yard diagonally to a toolshed in the back corner of the large yard.  We get the yard on one side of that walkway, and they get the other.  They also get the toolshed, because we get the garage.  Frankly, I like having the garage more.

Lisa and I have been very wary of sharing any kind of space with other people, however this doesn’t seem so bad.  During our talk with the owner, we mentioned that our church is but a few blocks away, and she said she is also a Christian.  She was very delighted that neither of us smoke or drink, and admitted that it was not easy in this world to find honorable tennants (i paraphrased that).  She also mentioned that she very carefully decides who she rents to, and based on what she’s told us so far, we’re not worried about whoever she decides to rent the larger part of the house to, because we are confident her decision will be wise and they will be good people.

Now let’s talk cost.  This is the nice part.  Our rent will only be $650 a month.  Water, trash, and sewage costs are covered for us, so not only is the rent cheap by itself, but with those three covered for us, living costs are cut dramatically.  Lisa and I budgeted $750 for rent, maximum, and that’s BEFORE utilities.  We’ve been using the $750 figure for our searching.  If we found anything more than that, we cross it off immediately.  So now we’ll be saving a lot of money because the rent here is $100 LESS and saving even more since we don’t have to pay for those three services.

Security deposit is $900 so we’re looking at about $1550 to move in.  Oh, but Lisa has a cat, which means a pet deposit.  Because the carpet is high quality and brand new, the owner is asking for a $500 pet deposit for the cat.  It’s more than many other places, but giving how low-cost everything else is for us, we’re fine with that.  Now we’re up to $2050 to move in.  By the grace of God, this is still within our budget (for the one-time move-in cost, that is).

The bedroom is actually kinda small.  It’s not unacceptable, but it will take some adjusting.  We won’t be able to have as many furnitures and furnishings as we have now (me especially).  I really, really had been against small spaces.  I’m not claustraphobic but I do feel squeezed in.  We took a look at a house last week and the inside just made me feel like I was under pressure.  It was small and I wasn’t comfortable being in it.  This new place really isn’t any bigger, but everything is so clean and brand new, and all of the other goodies that come with it make me set aside my pickiness of space and I love it.

It gets better, though.  Some landlords and renters don’t take maintenance as seriously as they should.  Sometimes you’d have a leak or something, and it’ll take weeks for them to finally come down and take care of it.  Maybe they don’t see it as a priority.  I don’t know.  Well, the lady’s husband is a building inspector, so it’s pretty safe to say that if the smallest thing goes awry, he’ll be on it like flies on a turd.  She made it obvious that their standards are very high, as far as how they’re putting the house together.  Highest quality materials, and everything is well done.  Plenty of power outlets in convenient places, as well as phone jacks and the like.  The bathroom is small, but it has a gorgeous shower.

Anyway, I’ve made this long enough, but to summarize everything, we found a great place for rent and we’re gonna go for it.  POW!


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