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Dream Sin

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I had a dream.  No, not a dream that all men are created equal.  Nothing like that at all.  I had a dream that I was looking at porn.  As I sit here, I wonder… is it possible to sin while asleep?  Is it possible to sin in a dream?  I know you can’t really control much about what you do in your dreams, but you can make decisions.  I remember that, in my dream, I was looking at porn.  After a while of watching it, I remembered my vow to give it up, and I immediately stopped looking and thought “what have I done?”.

…but, it was just a dream.  Along with what I mentioned about not having much control over our dreams, one of the things about dreams is that sometimes you just end up in the middle of situations.  I don’t remember dreaming about ‘beginning’ to look at the porn.  I was just suddenly doing it.  In real life, I’m generally tempted to do something I’m not already doing.  It is at that point that I pray and decline the temptation.  It is that point that I make the conscious decision to do the right thing.  In the dream, that point never occurred.  I was already in the act of the sin, so I never really go that opportunity to say “no, i won’t do it”.  So, I was just looking at it like “la dee da” but then after what I would imagine would be equal to several minutes, I realized what was happening.

Very odd, this theory.  It’s a very interesting question… Can we sin in our dreams?  If we can make conscious decisions in our subconscious minds, wouldn’t the answer be “yes”?

What do you think?


One response

  1. Mr_mur_der

    I think that is a great question. I have no idea though, as i do not dream. I am lucky if i get 1 dream a year, and when i do they are very vague.

    March 6, 2009 at 1:36 pm

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