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Name the Game (RULES)

Here are some basic rules and guidelines for those who wish to try to “name the game” in my Name the Game posts.  Failure to adhere to these rules will disqualify you, and it’s best to check the rules from time to time because they may change (especially while this is new).

How to play:

I will post a blog entry with an image, sound, or other type of media that is from a video game.  Your task is to figure out what game it is from.  For some media, you may be required to download the file in order to view/hear it.

Submitting your answer:

  1. Post your guess/answer as a comment to the post you are answering.  Contacting me with your answer through IM, E-Mail, or any other means will disqualify you.
  2. Only give one guess/answer per comment post. A comment such as “It’s either Wolfenstein or Doom” will not qualify as an answer, even if one of them is correct.
  3. If the game you are guessing is part of a series (such as Mario or Sonic), try to be specific with the title. For example, if I post something from Super Mario Bros 3, submitting the answer “mario” is correct but very generic and may not qualify.

Correct answers:

Once someone has submitted a correct answer, I will edit the post to include the name of that person and they will be awarded a point.  The table located under the “Name the Game” section on my blog’s sidebar will show the current point-holders.

Naming the Game:

Sometimes you may not know the EXACT title of a game.  In such cases, just be as specific as you can, and feel free to try to explain your answer.  If I can tell that you know which game it is but just don’t recall the exact title, I may still give it to you.

Good luck!


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