…and then some


Wow.  First graders.  *SCREAMS*

That’s ok, I’m almost done, then it’s the weekend.  I’d really like to… NOT be harrassed by little kids every 2 minutes about really stupid things.

No, seriously.  I know I’m here to help, and that’s a responsibility I signed up for.  I’m here to help the kids.  Honestly, though… some of the dumbest things I have to deal with sometimes.

This first grade class, for example…  Their teacher was in for for several minutes while they got started, and things were ok.  However, the instant she left the room (i don’t even think the door was closed all the way yet) they started coming up to me whining that they needed to use the restroom.  Probably had about 5 or more kids…

*just had another one ask, too*

…within just as many minutes, or less, come up and tell me they have to go to the bathroom.  What the heck?  NO!  THE ANSWER IS NO!!

I am so glad it’s Friday.  Truly, I am.


One response

  1. Ramond

    I hate them too

    March 6, 2009 at 2:25 pm

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