…and then some

Saturday Morning

Just woke up.  Uh oh, I feel a headache coming on.  Perhaps I should take a warm shower… or a hot shower… or a… baby shower?  =\

It’s 7:37 and in less than an hour I’ll be on the road towards Lens Crafters to get my eye exam.  I’ll definitely be coming back home with new lenses.  Fortunately, I’ll be able to save a lot of money because there’s nothing wrong with my current frames.  I’ll just need to get new lenses in them.  I can save even more money by the fact that I’ve got great insurance through my employer.  I’ll save even more money because my family has like $140 in Lens Crafter vouchers or something.  It all adds up… or… subtracts?

After all that, we have some more driving to do as we go up to Idyllwild and check out a place we found online where we could have a nice little outside wedding.  I’d show you the website, but their photos are absolutely horrible and they make the place look ghetto.  That’s why we’ve really gotta just go see for ourselves.  We’ll probably check out a couple of other places while we’re there.


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