…and then some

Blessings Blessings

Seems that every time I turn my head during this whole transition of marriage and a new home, God has another trick up his “Sleeve of holding” to bless my face off.

As you know, we’ve found a new home.  Lisa will be moving in first and we are trying to find some cheap, but not ghetto, furnishings.  We’ve made calls and sent emails and stuff, but I’ll fast forward to the juicy part of this story.  Yesterday morning I put an ad on Craiglist saying that we are getting married but do not have much money and are seeking out those who have furniture for cheap.  I got a few reponses yesterday, but they were not very helpful, unfortunately.

Today, I received another response.  I got in touch with a lady who found my ad and had contacted me via email.  She has some arm chairs, a nice couch, a queen size bedframe/headboard, and one of those really nice coffee tables that you can pull up to you so it’s like you’re sitting at a typical table.  She is offering all of these items to us for FREE.  In addition, she has a trailer and seems more than happy to deliver them to us.

Free furniture?  That’s really awesome!  I haven’t seen pictures yet, but based on her position, and her tone of voice and confidence, these items are not the cheap, old things that have been stored in a dirty shed for two years.  They are nice things.

It gets better…

This lady also works for a limo company.  Yeah, you know where I’m going with this, don’t you?  Because of her position, she is able to provide us with FREE limo service for our wedding.  SCORE!!  Along with the limo service, she said that her connections should allow her to provide us with all kinds of decorations and other amenities for our wedding as well.  Talk about a God that provides!!

I need to get back to work, but man… if only you could really understand how amazing this all is… from my point of view.


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